Finesse, poise, and a British accent. It's all anyone needs to succeed in life. Well, I suppose the British accent isn't necessary, but it is statistically proven that people with said accent are more successful. It makes you seem professional. It makes you seem proper. And a whole slew of other annoying 'p' words - I can't be arsed to list them all.

My name is Adelle DeWitt, and if you'll forgo my previous tone, you'll find I'm actually quite a serious business woman. I'm the former overseer of the L.A. Dollhouse. And for those of you whom are scratching your heads and wondering what that is, congratulations, you need not worry yourself with the details - they're none of your business.

Currently I find myself working with S.H.I.E.L.D., the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement, and Logistics Division of the government. Just what I'm there to provide them with, though... That is the question, now isn't it.

Member of the Whedonverse.

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Olivia Williams as Adelle DeWitt in Dollhouse (1.01~Ghost)


Olivia Williams as Adelle DeWitt in Dollhouse (1.01~Ghost)

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Anonymous whispered, "Do you think this apocalypse presents risks far too dangerous for your actives?"


Were they to be acting alone, certainly.  And even so, if we don’t all collaborate flawlessly, there are still many risks being taken.  You can program a person with any amount of skills, train them to the peak of physical and mental fitness.  But these are still human beings we’re talking about.  Up against others of their kind, they stand superior every time.  But against the forces of the supernatural… Well, we can’t be sure.

I do have some plans though that will assure we will be safer than ever before - you can count on that.

Come now, don't be shy. Now's the time to ask your questions if you've got them. 


Fancast - Olivia Williams as Winnamine Balitang (Tamora Pierce)

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Adelle DeWitt - Dollhouse Unaired Pilot (Part 2)

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Adelle DeWitt - Dollhouse Unaired Pilot (Part 1)

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Drown in the Hurricane || Saturday Night || Priya, Faith, Adelle, and Doyle  



Priya felt a tang of sympathy run through her, enough to sober her up long enough to really listen to Faith… who looked eerily like Echo. Priya didn’t bother mentioning it, though, as it wasn’t something that was of the utmost importance at a time like this. They had all been through Hell and back and this sounded very personal to the Slayer. The vampire was her friend (because vampires could be good?) and now he was bent on destruction (because vampires could switch between good and evil?). It was hard on all of them, but it was especially hard on those that actually knew him. Priya remained quiet as Adelle covered her own thoughts. 

She waved at the bartender, signalling him to stop with the shots. Priya wanted to be as close to sober as she could be. Drinking wasn’t going to solve any problems.Before she took her last shot in hand, she couldn’t help but admire Adelle’s strong confidence and inspiring words. Adelle had done a lot for Priya, more than she probably understood. The Dollhouse was a place of evil, however, that didn’t necessarily mean the people inside were evil as well.

She brought her shot glass up and clanked it to the rest, spilling some of the alcohol onto the counter. She threw the liquid to the back of her throat and placed the small glass back on the table for the bartender to clean up. “We’ll get through this,” she assured them. “Just look at us. We have magic and superpowers and science on our side,” she noted everyone’s different capabilities. There was no way they could lose- there was no way they could afford to lose. 

Priya wasn’t sure how much she could offer to the group, at least as herself. She made a note to talk to someone soon about being imprinted so she could aid in stopping the impending apocalypse. She was here to help and to not dawdle among the halls of the facility.

She nodded at Adelle and Faith confidently. Although Priya cut herself off early, she knew she would still wake up with a hangover tomorrow morning. She could feel the effects of chugging the alcohol down so quickly.

“We’ll get you friend back and the child,” she said to Faith. Priya wasn’t sure how they would go about doing such things, but they had to start somewhere. And hope, hope was always good.

“Thanks Adelle.” she said. And she genuinely meant it. Usually everyone was just oh so happy to tell things like that to Buffy or follow her lead in whatever she said. But hearing this from someone who held a lot of power and influence, much different than Buffy ever would, was very reassuring. It made her feel a lot more confident about being one of the head Slayer’s. “But it definitely will be a lot of work. Maybe even more than we can handle.” she continued, raising her glass to the others and clinking them together.

“I sure hope so. I like Zoe and I feel like shit that he kid got taken.” she said, shaking her head in sympathy. She turned to the bartender. “They may not want to drink anymore, but I said keep them coming. So where’s my drink?” Faith wanted to get hammered after the nights events.

Adelle shook her head immediately at Faith’s assertion that this endeavor would be a lot of work.  ”I don’t doubt it,” she said.  ”These things often are.  But if we all can manage to organize ourselves and work together, if we put our best foot forward, well.”  Her attention turned back to straight ahead of her and she gave an accepting tilt of her head.  ”Then we stand a chance.”  Contemplating on this for a moment, she downed the rest of the contents from her glass.

"You see, this is another pitfall S.H.I.E.L.D.’s made.  There’s no denying that they’ve gathered many a powerful entity to fight in their defense, but with so many part of an army, each equipped to do different things, each with their own personality and way of thinking, it’s nearly impossible to rally so many people to march as one."  Now holding her empty glass and swirling it as if it were full, she narrowed her eyes in thought as she mused upon her days during the fight against Rossum.  A large army might have intimidated the company, but it never would have worked.  No, they needed smaller groups like the ones they’d formed - Echo, Paul Ballard, Topher, Anthony, and Priya.  Oh yes, and of course there was Boyd - they would have been better off without him.  She gave a subtle sigh and made a face at the remembrance.

"No, it would have been more efficient to gather a smaller team and-" But as she spoke, her words came slower and slower.  Mouth stuck in a half-opened, half-closed position, she raised an index finger.  "Wait a second, I think I’ve figured something out.  If we can break up our rather large team into smaller teams - divisions, dedicated to researching and handling certain aspects of this mission…we may just be able to pull this off."

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